Saturday, 17 September 2011

How To - Using the Steam Backup Utility

A small guide intended for hot-linking to the various forum topics I often see this question asked at.

1: From the [STEAM] drop-down menu, select [BACKUP AND RESTORE GAMES...].

2: Choose the "Backup currently installed games" radial button, then click "Next >".

3: Select which games you wish to back up (A), noting the disk space the final backup will require (B).

4: Select the folder in which the backup files will be placed.

5: Choose the media in which the backup will be placed (A). This determines the number of files the backup will be split into (B).

6: Wait for the backup process to complete.

7: Open the backup folder in case you wish to move the backed up files to a different folder/drive.

8: To restore the backup on Steam, run the [STEAMBACKUP] application in the x:\...\Disk_1\ folder.

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